At Just Spas Perth we understand that you are looking for luxury and some escape from the day-to-day stress of modern life. We are Perth's most trusted spa dealer and here are few reasons why:

-          Second generation family owned business since 1990. The family who owns the store, runs the store.

-          Combined 120yrs industry experience across 7 fulltime staff members.

-          Full service provider in the industry. Spa sales, delivery, chemicals, service all handled in house with extensive parts held on site.

-          Perth’s only spa dealer to offer the best product from Australia, China and the US.

-          Product that exceeds Australian standards for safety.

-          Over 10,000 happy customers are enjoying the ultimate in backyard luxury with a spa from Just Spas Perth.

-          World leading information technology ensuring we will know you, your spa and what you need to achieve peace of mind with an outdoor spa.

Nobody does it like Just Spas Perth

Innovation & Design

Just Spas is at the forefront of Innovation and Design in Spa Technology. We are constantly exploring ways to improve the experience of owning a Spa, Swim Spa or Spa Bath. In fact the US Bullfrog Spas range which is manufactured under licence in Australia by Just Spas, is the World's most economical spa, and has been tested and approved by the California Energy Commission.

Our Extensive Range

Just Spas offer diversity in our range by offering locally manufactured and globally sourced products to suit all of our customers needs.

Just Spas offers an extensive range, offering spas to suit everyone's budget. Our products are:

  • Australian Manufactured in Melbourne
  • USA Imported
  • Chinese Imported